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CAB 6P (Prunus cerasus)

Biotype of Prunus cerasus (cv ‘Marasca di Vigo’) selected by the University of Bologna. Rootstock for sweet and sour cherry varieties. Trees in the nursery are moderately vigorous and have an intermediate growth habit. Plant performance in the nursery is very good (rapid growth and successful grafting). Good grafting results are obtained with T or chip budding with both dormant and growing buds in spring. Trees enter early into dormancy and early grafting is recommended if done during summer. Grafting compatibility is very good with sweet cherry varieties tested and excellent with all sour cherry varieties. The root system is moderately developed with good anchorage in the ground; tendency to suckering. Adapts well to heavy soils with low permeability. Resistant to calcareous soils (9% active lime), nematodes and suitable for replanting. Medium sensitive to Armillaria mellea, tolerant to Phytophtora cactorum and Verticillium dahliae; slightly sensitive to Agrobacterium tumefaciens. All cherry varieties grafted on this rootstock show lower vigour (30% lower than those grafted on sweet cherry seedlings), earlier cropping, better fruit quality and colour and higher yield efficiency compared to those grafted on seedlings. Flowering and ripening time are 2-3 days earlier than plants grafted on seedlings. Fruits are of good size and optimal quality, with high levels of total soluble solids, good levels of acidity and uniform overcolour. This rootstock is semi-dwarfing, very efficient, suitable for specialised and irrigated cherry orchards of medium (500 trees/ha) to medium-high (800 trees/ha) density. Particularly recommended for heavy soils. Produces suckers.


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