471 00 Arta - Greece
Fax: +302681051694

Tissue culture laboratory FITOTECHNIKI in Filothei - Arta

FITOTECHNIKI specializes in tissue culture propagation of fruit tree rootstocks. Facilities include a micropropagation laboratory, 4 hectares of greenhousing for acclimatization and micrografting, and a nursery covering approximately 10 hectares. The company collaborates with Universities and other research institutions at Greek and European level (see the SITINPLANT European Project ).

The laboratory produces rootstocks for stone and pome fruit species and varieties of kiwifruit, supplying Greek nurseries and exporting to several other countries.

All plant material sold by FITOTECHNIKI is certified virus-free according to Greek and European regulations.

FITOTECHNIKI can provide its customers with any technical assistance required as regards organization and growing techniques both in the nursery and in the orchard.